Volunteer as a MarXiv Ambassador

Having local, trusted sources of information is invaluable for ensuring researchers have the guidance needed to share their work in MarXiv. Volunteer to be a MarXiv Ambassador and help your research community share their work with everyone, no matter their ability to pay for-profit publishers.

The MarXiv Ambassadors will serve as preprint-sharing experts for the local institutions, helping their fellow researchers determine which documents can (and cannot) be legally shared in MarXiv. We will provide training — and also be available to answer any questions to help you — so you are not on your own. If this sounds like something you would like to do, read on!

The details

  • You do not need to know everything (or really, anything) about Open Access and preprints prior to becoming an Ambassador! Ambassadors will be educated on the copyright transfer process by the MarXiv Team so they can aid their institutions in retaining as much copyright protection as possible for authors, rather than transferring copyrights in-full to publishers.
  • MarXiv Ambassadors will help researchers choose which manuscripts to share in MarXiv, and which licenses are best suited for the research.
  • Ambassadors will advocate for policies at their institutions that favor sharing research, including preprints and postprints, as part of the publication process.
  • Ambassadors can share their experiences and best practices amongst the cohort via an email listserv and Slack channel.

Sign up to volunteer

Please fill out this form telling us about yourself. We will add you to the public list of MarXiv Ambassadors soon to be displayed on MarXivInfo.org.

You can sign up at any time, and you can also remove yourself from the list at any time (just email Nick at nick@octogroup.org). If you have any questions, reach out to Nick on Twitter, Slack, or email.

Thank you!