Outreach and Training Materials

This page is for resources to help you communicate the purpose and utility of MarXiv.

Do you need materials that are not included below? Email Nick Wehner at nick@octogroup.org.

Join the MarXiv Slack group to share your expertise and learn from the MarXiv community.

Podcast Episodes


We saved the majority of our Introduction to MarXiv webinar in this handy Google Slides deck.

You may download copies of our short "how to" videos for offline-use from Vimeo, including adding a new paper to MarXiv and searching/browsing for papers in MarXiv.

How to make your research Open Access with MarXiv infographic

This 5-step chart shows how you can make your research freely-available to everyone starting with your submitted manuscript. It is available in a variety of formats:

The publishing process with MarXiv infographic

This chart shows the 10 steps of the academic publishing process, and where you can share and update your manuscripts in MarXiv. It is available in a variety of formats:

Sample images for social media

Allie Brown from the MarXiv team created a few different treatments of the MarXiv tagline "It's a big ocean. Share the knowledge" for use on social media. You may download the image formatted specifically for each of the following platforms:


Would you like a free MarXiv sticker for your laptop? Each sticker is ~3” x 2” or ~75mm x 50mm. If so, email Nick Wehner your mailing address and he will mail one to you!