Request a paper be added to MarXiv

Is there a pay-walled paper you'd like to access freely in MarXiv? Let us know! We'll reach out to the author and ask them to share a copy with us in MarXiv. Your requests will help us grow awareness of the MarXiv archive and make more papers available to ocean conservationists who can't afford costly journal subscriptions.

There are a few easy ways you can help us request a paper:

MarXiv Bookmarklet

The MarXiv Bookmarklet is a tiny bookmark you can add to your browser. Simply click the bookmark on your browser when you're on a supported publisher's website. The bookmarklet will automatically grab information about the paper, and then send that information to our Requests database. We'll reach out to the author and ask that they share their paper in MarXiv.

To install the MarXiv Bookmarklet

To install the MarXiv Bookmarklet, simply create a new bookmark in your browser. For the destination/URL, enter:

javascript:(function () { let preprinkAskJS = document.createElement('script'); preprinkAskJS.type='text/javascript'; preprinkAskJS.src=''; document.head.appendChild(preprinkAskJS); }());

Save your new bookmark with a name/title like "MarXiv Request" and then just click the bookmark link to use it. If it worked, you'll see an alert message in your browser showing you the information that was sent to us.

Supported publisher websites

The MarXiv Bookmarklet currently supports the following publisher websites:

  • Elsevier
  • Taylor & Francis
  • Springer
  • Wiley
  • Oxford University Press (e.g. ICES Journal of Marine Science)
  • SAGE
  • PNAS
  • Science


Tweet us @MarXivPapers the URL or DOI of the paper you'd like to see in MarXiv. We'll take care of the rest!


Email MarXiv Project Director, Nick Wehner, at including the URL or DOI of the paper, and he'll take it from there.