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Are you ready to submit your work to MarXiv? Great! Please review these Submission Guidelines and our Code of Conduct before submitting your paper.

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Ready to submit?

All you have to do is go to the MarXiv repository on OSF Preprints and click the "Add a Paper" button. It's quite simple!

Before you post your paper to MarXiv, be sure that a) you have the rights to share your paper in MarXiv, and b) you have consent from all Contributors (i.e. coauthors) to share the work.

For more information on determining if you have the rights to share your paper in MarXiv, see: how do I determine if I have the legal rights to share my paper in MarXiv? Generally speaking, most journals will allow you to submit your preprint to MarXiv at any time, but you'll need to wait a year or two to publicly share your postprint. This is an example of a preprint in MarXiv, and this an example postprint. Please convert your Word document to a PDF before submitting to MarXiv.

We have a short video showing how to upload your paper to MarXiv available on Vimeo and YouTube.

For those of you that like step-by-step instructions:

  1. Visit the MarXiv repository at and click the "Add a paper" button.
  2. Login with your OSF Preprints account, or create a new account for free. If you have an ORCID account you may sign-in with that, instead. Many universities have partnered with OSF, so you may be able to login with your institutional credentials, too.
  3. Use the Upload section to first upload a PDF of your paper, and then give it a Title.
  4. Select the discipline(s) and subdiscipline(s) which categorize your work.
    • For example, you might choose the top-level "Social and Behavioral Sciences" discipline along with the subdisciplines of "Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration" and "Environmental Policy."
    • If the discipline for your work is missing, or if you have questions on how to categorize your work, please contact us.
  5. Select a license for your work. 
  6. If you have a DOI for your work already, please include that so the preprint may link-up with the peer-reviewed version of your manuscript.
  7. Provide an abstract for your work.
  8. Provide keywords or "tags" to make your work easily discoverable.
  9. Add the authors to your work. If the other authors do not have OSF Accounts, they will be invited to create one after this step is completed.
  10. Click "Submit" to post your paper on MarXiv. Congratulations! Your work is now available on MarXiv!

Need help finding your Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM)?

Publishers typically keep AAMs for 2-5 years in their Journal Submission Systems. For instructions on how to download your AAM from various publishers, use this handy guide.

Submission Guidelines

The Types of Work MarXiv Accepts

MarXiv accepts a wide array of works: preprints and postprints of manuscripts submitted to peer-reviewed journals, Open Access journal articles, reports, white papers, etc.

MarXiv especially requests manuscripts of negative results! Negative results are one of the most sought-after works in ocean conservation and are rarely published by traditional journals. You can learn a lot from successful studies, but you can often learn a lot more from unsuccessful ones.

Please note that MarXiv only accepts works pertaining to the ocean and marine-climate sciences.

If you have questions regarding if MarXiv will accept your work, please contact us.

Screening Process

The MarXiv Team reviews all submissions generally within 24 to 48 hours after posting. The author(s) will be notified by email of the decision to accept or reject the submission.

Works will be rejected from MarXiv if there is evidence of misconduct, including but not limited to: plagiarism, falsification, copyright violation, and/or violation of the Code of Conduct.

Your Submissions

You must have the legal rights (copyright) to share your work in MarXiv. Please see our Copyright Training Resources for more information on how you can determine if you have these rights.

See Archiving Policies of Major Journals for the default publisher policies on preprints and postprints. Note that your Copyright Transfer Agreement may define different rights for your particular paper.

Please ensure all coauthors have been notified, and agree to, submission. Coauthors will be notified by email automatically upon submission.

Before submitting a manuscript which will go through peer review, MarXiv recommends you to add a cover page stating that your work has been submitted to a journal. Once your manuscript has been formally published, you may want to update the cover page to reflect this. If you have the legal rights to do so, you may want to update your preprint with the postprint or the final version of your work. You may use this template (PDF) for your cover page, provided courtesy of PaleorXiv.

Submit from Overleaf

Overleaf users can select MarXiv in the "Journals and Services" menu to bundle their project to share in MarXiv. You may wish to use the MarXiv Submission Template to format your paper, although this is not a requirement.