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Fine-scale fisheries co-management through cooperative acoustic surveys

The authors describe a method of collaborative fisheries management offering both fine temporal- and spatial-scale resolution which was trialed in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands walleye pollock fishery. In this fishery, scientists, locals, and industry are highly-engaged and already involved in a co-management process set forth by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council.

A new, short, and free primer on modern ocean management

Has having to figure out if you want to do management (EBM), integrated coastal zone management (ICZM), area based management (ABM), whole domain management (WDM), or marine spatial planning (MSP) got you down?

You are in luck. A paper recently published in MarXiv for policy makers, managers, and students provides a short history of ocean management, its conceptual foundations, modern frameworks for it, and numerous real world examples of how these concepts and frameworks are being applied.

Journal paywalls impede scientific information from being used for ocean management

This study of MPA management plans in three countries found that primary scientific research from journals represented just 14% of the information cited in the plans. A main reason for this shortfall was that most journal articles were behind paywalls, where managers had no access to them. This study was the first to document the impediment that journal paywalls present to marine management and to effective application of science for conservation.